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10 Questions with Anna

10 Questions with Anna

10 Questions With…

Meet another of our stylists Anna Jackson AKA ‘Always a Fashion Parade’ who sits in the hot seat this month



Q1 Being only 4ft 11 do you find it hard to shop and what’s your best advice for petite girls?

I love shopping and find it hard not to shop!! My biggest joy has been the cropped trouser trend as that’s normally the perfect length for me!  Another top tip is to shop the kids department, Zara, H&M and Next all have great things and not everyone else is wearing them, you might have to dodge the kids in the playground though!

Q2 – With so many clothes could you ever own a capsule wardrobe?

I love the idea of having clothes that all work together but style is my creativity and I love putting crazy outfits together at the last minute so think I would find it too restrictive.  I think having a holiday capsule is great though, having just a few pieces that all work together when you go away is like a dream.

Q3 – What are the favourite things in your wardrobe?

I have a pair of gold Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes with a red heart I bought in Rio and as Melissa is Brazilian I picked them up really cheaply. They are fun and being plastic I can wear them to weddings in fields, on beaches and I reckon I could even wear them in the sea!  I also have a Mongolian style fur gilet from Zara that I love, whenever I put it on I instantly feel glamorous!

Q4 – What’s the best fashion advice you’ve been given

If you like it wear it. I remember begging my Gran to buy me a shell suit when I was 10 and everyone laughing at me but then the next week everyone was wearing them! Stay true to your own style.

Q5 – Who are your style icons?

I love people that are brave and creative. Iris Apfel is so inspirational and I love Carrie Bradshaw’s eclectic style. I love bright colours and making an expression when I put outfits together.

Q6- Why did you decide to become a stylist?

I love being with people and I’ve always loved everything about clothes and fashion so it’s literally my dream job helping people discover their personal style!

Q7 – What do you enjoy most about being a stylist

I love all the different elements such as working on fashion shows, blogging, personal shopping and I am obsessed with colour so I absolutely love doing colour consultations. It’s so amazing finding peoples colours, it makes such a huge difference to the way they look.

Q8 – Who would you like to style?

I’d love to work on a show like Xfactor styling all the acts would be so much fun!!

Q9 – As a busy working mum what do you do to relax?

I grew up in Dartmoor and love running across fields as I need open space and fresh air. Running clears my head and helps me focus, I try and run about 3 times I week.

Q10 -Describe your perfect day

My perfect day starts with my son getting into our bed and giving me a cuddle. Then a family breakfast with croissants and coffee, lots of coffee! Followed by a run in the sunshine and then a style consultation and a bit of shopping.  I am abit obsessed with afternoon tea so my perfect day would have to include that with a cheeky glass of prosecco! I am a girls girl and love hanging out with my friends.

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