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10 Questions With Becky

10 Questions With Becky

It’s time to get to know our stylist Becky much better. We asked our lovely stylist 10 questions from her favourite place to shop, her love for sustainable fashion to revealing something we don’t already know about her.

Q1. Why did you decide to become a stylist?

A. Because it was combining a subject matter (clothes and colour) with a skill I love to use (coaching and developing women).

Q2. What do you love most about being a stylist?

A. Seeing that lightbulb moment when a woman realises just how beautiful she is – she just needed the right clothes to be able to see it!

Q3. You organised a Style Swap recently, tell us a little more about the project?

A. It was a-maz-ing! I brought together 100 women to swap their unwanted clothes to raise money for the charity Labour Behind The Label. Everyone brought 3 items they no longer wore and swapped them for something else. It was such a brilliant night and raised £1500 which I’m so proud of!

Q4. Is sustainable fashion very important to you?

A. Yes, absolutely. I used to buy clothes all the time and not give a second thought to how they were made or what they were made of. But…once I became aware of how polluting fashion can be as well as the fact that slavery still exists, I had to do something about it. I now shop in a totally different way and try to pass on ways to be more sustainable to my clients

Q5. What is your best charity shop purchase?

I actually have 2 favourites…one was a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo gold ballet pumps and the other was a statement necklace by Ranjana Khan. I didn’t know it at the time when I bought it but it sold originally for well over £1000!

Q6. Would you encourage more people to shop in charity shops?

A. Yes, they are a true treasure trove and there’s so many positive angles – you’re keeping clothes out of landfill, you’re supporting a charity, you can create your own style rather than only having what’s currently on trend and so much more!

Q7. Tell us something we maybe wouldn’t know about you?

A. I trained in Arabic Belly Dance for years and danced with a troupe called Phenomenal Women!

Q8. Where do you shop the most?

A. The charity shops in Clifton Village and online vintage boutiques.

Q9. What is your favourite piece of fashion advice?

A. Always go with fit rather than size.

Q10. i is for?

A. invent. Stop putting the same combinations together and start creating new and exciting ones!