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10 Questions With Claire & Kate

10 Questions With Claire & Kate

After training with us back in September, we thought it was about time we caught up with the lovely Claire and Kate from Coveted Styling. Get to know the stylish duo much better with our 10 questions that cover their plans for 2018, their style icons and the best places to shop in Aberdeen.


Q1. Do you have any New Year resolutions?

A. We don’t really have any resolutions, but this year our goal is to get our business off the ground and make it a success

Q2. Where did you meet?

A. We met at a friend’s BBQ 9 years ago. Our husbands & Kate are old school friends

Q3. What made you start Coveted Styling?

A. Our friendship developed very quickly when we discovered we were both obsessed with fashion, style and putting outfits together.

We were both at a time in our lives where we wanted to do something for us, and something we love, as well as helping other women to feel good about themselves.

Our goal is to empower women to feel fabulous through the desire to have, to be and to feel.

coveted-stylingQ4. How did our personal styling course prepare you for your next step?

A. The course provided us with the foundation and skills to start our journey, as well as meeting fellow trainee Hannah Davis. Emmeline and the team have been a great support and mentor to us.

Q5. What do you love most about being a personal stylist?

A. We love helping other women realise how fabulous they are, and how an updated wardrobe can put a spring in your step!

As mums ourselves, we know how easy it is to get stuck in a style rut, so helping them get their mojo back even if it’s from items in their wardrobe, is a great feeling.

As well as working in an industry where we both get to do what we love.

Q6. Who are your style icons?

A. Probably too many to mention!! Sienna Miller, Emma Willis, Louise Redknapp and Holly Willoughby.

coveted-stylingQ7. What are your style mantra’s?

A. Fashion and style are all about happiness, it should be fun and anything goes. If you love it, wear it! If it makes you feel fabulous, buy it!

Q8. Where are the best places to shop in Aberdeen?

A. We have two main shopping centres in Aberdeen which house favourites such as Topshop, Warehouse, Zara and John Lewis.

We have a few independent boutiques out-with Aberdeen which are great for supplying individual designs, or outfits for a special occasion

Q9. Describe your perfect weekend…

A. Spending time with our families is always a priority after a busy week. But we also love going for our girly lunches with our fab friends.

Q10. i is for?

A. Instagram, and how it inspires use every day. We love the community of stylists and bloggers and the fact that everyone supports each other.