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10 Questions With…

10 Questions With…

Welcome to the second in our series of 10 Questions With…


This time, we have had the pleasure of quizzing the very lovely Chrissy of Just So Fashion…


1 – You’ve recently qualified as a stylist with TiCC – what inspired you to take this course?

I have wanted to get into personal styling for a long time. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion, one way or another.  I felt I was too old to start at the bottom and do an internship and that was one of the main reasons I started my style blog so I could be a part of fashion and share my love of styling clothes. I knew with personal styling this wouldn’t be the case and I could work for myself. It was just perfect timing especially now I am a Mummy. I met Emmeline a few years ago when I won a social stylist competition she was running at SouthGate in Bath.  When I found out Emmeline was doing the course I jumped to it! It was such an amazing opportunity! I knew I would learn a lot from her and get fantastic experience.

2 – You also have your own fashion blog www.justsofashion.com , when did you start and what are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt? 

I started my blog in 2012 and it was the best thing I ever did. Apart from the fashion, I just love the social side to blogging, attending events and getting to meet lots of different people along the way. The biggest thing I have learnt is if you want your blog to be successful you can’t be a part timer. It’s a full on job in itself. I stopped blogging after I had my son, Sam in 2014 thinking I didn’t have time to blog and I regret stopping. If your heart is in it you can make time and I’m back now!

3 – Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…

I went to Drama school and did an advert when I was 12 for the German washing powder called Dixan. It was filmed in Germany and was also meant for Spain and Portugal but luckily, not the UK. If you want a giggle you can find it on You-tube!

4 – If you had one wish, what would it be?

Health and Happiness for my little boy!

5 – With SS17 fast upon us, what is on your wishlist and why?

A floral wallpaper print midi dress. I just love those prints! They make me feel happy!

6 – What’s your hero buy, the one you wear and wear again?

It’s got to be Topshop Jamie jeans; I live in them in all different colours!

7 – It’s hard to believe you’ve made one but, what’s your biggest fashion faux par?

Just went through all my old photos and the worse one is a summer orange neon vest top! Looks so wrong on me, with sunburn too! Just shows you can’t always follow trends.

8 – If you could only shop in one store for the rest of 2017, which one would it be?

M&S! No, Zara! No,…Topshop! Ummmm………

9 – You’re always so lovely, positive and smiley, what motivates you each day?

That’s so sweet of you to say. I like to make the most out of everything and love having a good time. My smile is just in built in me; I guess it’s a habit. I would say before I had my little boy it was fashion and fun that got me up in the morning. Now it’s Sam!

10 – What is your life motto?

‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters.’ Audrey Hepburn

We hope you’ve loved getting to know a little more about Chrissy. You can follow her daily musing on Instagram and come and meet her at Bristol Fashion Week at The image Consulting Company pop-up lounge (outside of Boots).