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10 Questions With…

10 Questions With…

Another month, another “10 Questions With…” one of our fabulous stylists.

This time is the very beautiful Lucy Eastment of Styled By Lucy sat in the hot seat to answer our questions…


Q1 – You’ve been a Stylist since September last year – what made you want to get into Styling?

A – When I returned to work after maternity leave I decided if I was going to be away from my gorgeous babies I wanted to be doing a job I loved with hours that suited family life. I was often asked by friends, colleagues and even strangers in the street about my style and where I bought my clothes so I looked into a career change as a Personal Stylist.  I’m so glad I took the plunge and started Styled By Lucy. I absolutely love what I do and feel so lucky that I have found a vocation that I am passionate about.

Q2 – Where do you get your style inspiration?

A – Everything influences me – Instagram, Pinterest, Magazines, fashion bloggers, Designers, my clients, passersby on the street.

Q3 – You’re a mum of 2 and are always on the go, what do you do to relax?

A – I’m still a party girl and love socialising so I actually find being out with friends relaxing. I can switch off from being ‘mum’ and dance the night away. If I have a rare child free day off you’ll still usually find me shopping or, at home catching up on crap telly.

Q4 – What’s on your SS17 shopping list?

A – I think I already own most of the SS17 trends so I really should take my own advice & shop my wardrobe first.  Saying that I’ve got a couple of holidays & special occasions I will want new outfits for.

Q5 – What’s the best style advice you’ve ever been given/or gave?

A – I give my clients style rules based on the most flattering items for their colouring and body shape but, I want them to find their own style. Wear what you love and feel confident in, even if it breaks the rules!

Q6 – The school run is your runway, what do you wear?

A – I don’t dress for the school run, I dress for my day. I’m usually late and rushing off somewhere else so, I rock up to the gates in anything from workout gear to a dress and heels.

Q7 – If you could only shop in one shop for a year, which one would it be?

A – Zara never fails me. Whether I’m shopping for myself or with a client, it always comes up trumps so, I would have to pick Zara.

Q8 – Do you have a party trick?

A – I can still do the splits!!!

Q9 – Are you more of a heels or flats kinda’ gal?

A – Both! I love my heels and didn’t really wear flats before I had children but, my converse are probably my most worn shoes nowadays.

Q10 – What does your perfect weekend look like?

A – A Friday night out letting my hair down and the rest of the weekend spent with my beautiful family.

We really hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know Lucy a bit more!! You can follow her over on Instagram by clicking here.