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10 Questions with Brigitte

10 Questions with Brigitte

Q1. What inspired you to become a personal stylist?

A. I was lucky to have been a full-time mum when my girls were young. They were growing up fast and becoming more independent and I realised I wanted to do something for myself. I had always helped friends and family with their outfit shopping so I thought this was something I could help other women with. This was when I trained to become a stylist.

Q2. What has being part of TiCC done for you?

A. I first met Emmeline at BFW 4 years ago and she has become a great friend and a fabulous mentor. Now the team is growing its great to feel like we are all “in this together” helping and supporting each other.

Q3. What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

A. A navy cashmere jumper a classic that I can dress up with a statement necklace but looks fab with jeans for a relaxed look.

Q4. What has been the highlight of your career as a personal stylist so far?

A. My highlight has been watching the transformation of one of my regular clients. Over two years of working with her, she has gone from a lady with no interest in clothes and a dated wardrobe, to a lady who regularly gets stopped and told she looks fabulous and “where did you get that outfit from?” she has grown in confidence before my eyes.

Q5. What is your favourite thing to do in your down time?

A. I love to go for a walk or do some yoga, I also love cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Q6.What are your main goals for the coming year?

A. I am in the middle of a rebrand which will see a new website to include a “boutique” where you can buy some of my favourite accessories that are not on the high street. My goal is to have success with this.

Q7. Tell us why and how you started up your brand, and how you thought of the name?

A. I started ToBe Designs as I was aware there was a gap in the market for ladies to wear something to cover their “Bingo Wings” which everyone hates. This has now expanded to a few more unique versatile pieces and a collection of handpicked accessories to compliment your outfits.

The ToBe name came after a conversation over lunch (with wine!) where I named 2 of the pieces after my daughters Zoe and Zara. I said we needed a T and B for Trent (my husband) and me, we were TB ahhh. We are ToBe because each versatile piece is ToBe worn your way.

Also upon Googling we found this…. tobe or tob, thaub, [tohb] Noun

“The principal outer garment in some parts of north and central Africa, consisting of a length of cloth that is sewn into a long loose skirt or is draped around the body and fastened over one shoulder”

Which ironically is what we have…..

Q8. What is your style philosophy? 

Keep it simple but significant.

Q9.What would your advice be to someone thinking of becoming a personal stylist?

I would advise anyone to train as a stylist and to be open for the different directions it can take you in. It is a really rewarding career when you see the difference you can make to someone.

Q10. What is your favourite trend this season?

Without a doubt Leopard Print!!


You can find Brigitte on Instagram: @brigittewardstyling

You can also check out her brand on there: @tobe_designs_