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10 Questions with Claire

10 Questions with Claire


Meet the beautiful and lovely Claire Wright, a stylist, Nutritional Health Coach and a new member of our team! She joined us back in February and we thought we’d left it long enough to chat to her!

Q1. Why did you become a stylist?

A. I wanted to help women aged 40 plus rediscover themselves and find a look they love, I find around this age we can start to lose a bit of confidence in the way we dress, especially as our bodies change and we think we have to dress a certain way for our age.

Q2. What do you love most about your job?

A. Helping women become confident in their bodies and bringing out their own unique style.

Q3. You are also a Nutrition Health Coach, tell us more….

A. I started to get a few health niggles in my early forties and had always considered myself a fairly healthy eater but when I visited a nutritionist, she suggested some changes to my diet. After implementing some changes I started to notice improvements to my health and this spurred me on to do a Nutritional Health Coaching course to find out the truth about foods and how they can impact our health. It was a real eye opener for me and I knew that I wanted to share this with other women too, as there is so much misinformation out there in the media, telling us how to eat and what the next best diet is.


Q4. What is your favourite SS18 trend? 

A. I love the tropical prints and have a jacket from Zara in this print, when I put it on it reminds me of the eighties and the song Club Tropicana by Wham starts playing in my head.

Q5. Where do you love to shop?

A. Zara, French connection, Mango, Mint Velvet and independent boutiques.

Q6. Who inspires you?

A. There are so many remarkable people but anyone who refuses to accept the card they have been dealt with in life and overcomes their fears and doubts to achieve what they want, is truly inspirational.


Q7. Tell us something that not many people know about you?

A. I am a perpetual student and love learning something new.

Q8. Describe your perfect weekend.

A. Eating a delicious nutritious breakfast, taking my dog Benny for a walk, trip to the cinema or a meal out with my husband, a spot of shopping and a catch up with friends.

Q9. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

A. Nice in the South of France.

Q10. i is for?

A. Ideas, I have lots in my head, too many!!