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10 Questions With Karen Wilson

10 Questions With Karen Wilson

To compliment her successful career as a make-up artist with Estée Lauder, Karen trained as a personal stylist with us back in February. With a fantastic charity style swap under her belt, Karen is loving working with style and fashion as well as make-up. We caught up with her after her exciting trip to Kenya…

karen-wilsonQ1. Why did you decide to become a personal stylist?

A. The reason I decided to become a personal stylist is because I have always loved clothes and fashion. I love how good clothes can make you feel when you get it right. I know just how it feels when you go shopping and what used to suit you doesn’t work for you anymore. It can be a very upsetting experience. I slipped my disc 5 years ago and put on a quite a lot of weight. I felt that I lost myself and my sense of style. I was also perimenopausal and had lost all my confidence.

My son getting married gave me the drive I needed to loose the weight and get fitter. I then had a style overhaul with my clothes/wardrobe, which has made such a difference to me and the way I feel. What I want is to be able to help other women feel good about themselves and have really positive shopping experiences, so they know what will work for them.

Q2. You trained with us this year, how did you find the course?

A. I trained on the course in February of this year and loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed learning about colours, and especially what suits different body shapes. The support I am given is fantastic. Emmeline and the team have been so supportive with my business.

karen-wilsonQ3. You work as a make-up artist for Estée Lauder, what is your favourite thing about your job?

A. I love being a make-up artist with Estée Lauder. The best thing is seeing the difference you can make to someone and making them feel really good about themselves. That is another reason I wanted to become a stylist as I feel they go hand in hand together.

Q4. What is your favourite AW18 trend

A. I am loving some of the bold prints in the shops at the moment. I am also a big fan of the layered look especially when the cold sets in.

Q5. How would you describe your style?

A.  I would describe my style as smart casual with a slight edge, although I do like to do glam for a special occasion.

Q6. Where is your favourite place to shop?

A.  I love shopping in Oasis, Gap  River island and Zara.

Q7. Recently, you organised a style swap for St Peters Hospice, how did it go?

A. The Style Swap was such a fantastic evening I was so pleased with how well it went. It was held at the gym I go to, ITS ladies gym, and they could not of been more helpful and generous. We managed to raise over £500 for St Peter’s Hospice. There were amazing raffle prizes donated and the quality of the clothes people swapped was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed themselves, hopefully another one will be done in the new year.

karen-wilsonQ8. You’re going away to Kenya soon, where is your favourite place in the world?

A. Yes, I went to Kenya for my 30th wedding anniversary it was such an amazing experiencing. My favourite place in the world for me was Croatia. I loved the island hopping, it is so beautiful and I hope to go back there some day.

Q9. How do you like to spend your days off?

A. I love to spend my days off with my family and friends, maybe a bit of lunch/afternoon tea and oh yes, I also love to shop 😉

Q10. i is for?

A. i is for imaginative.