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10 Questions With…

10 Questions With…

Welcome to the first in our series of ’10 Questions with…’

This week we are starting with Karen, our resident social superhero and owner of Mission:Style.

Q1. You started Mission:Style 3 years ago… What made you want to get into blogging and what do you love about it?

KG – I’ve always loved fashion and felt like I needed an outlet to talk about it, to explore new trends and to have the opportunity to be creative. I hadn’t realised that I actually enjoyed writing too, it’s been an amazing journey – I’ve changed so much since I started the blog and it’s opened up so many new doors for me too. One of the most incredible (and unexpected) things is the community, I’ve met so many inspirational people and made some true friends that share my passions… Let’s face it, Mr Goodbrand isn’t up for late night chats about Topshop’s latest drops or, the news from London Fashion Week.

Q2. You are quite the shopper, we notice that you love high end, as well as high street shopping – What have been your favourite buys this year so far…?

KG  – I realise that we have only just dipped our toes into February however, there are definitely TWO stand out favourites…(probably lots more to be honest). My new bag, the Gucci Marmont. This was a gift but still, I class as my investment! The second is this jacket, new in at Zara – I love the sleeves, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this recently, I barely take it off. Both pieces can be dressed up or down. Key pieces have to be versatile, these both tick that box.


Q3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be..?

KG – I love where I live now however, if I could pick up my friends family, I’d say either Bondi, Australia or South Beach in Miami. Actually, it’s stupid humid in Miami and I’ve got curly hair… Lets just settle on Bondi.

Q4. You’ve recently become a Mum, how do you think, if at all, this as effected your style…?

KG – Becoming a mum has definitely changed the way I dress, for a few reasons. Mainly, whatever I wear has to be practical, one doesn’t want to be tottering around with the buggy in 10cm heels (which were the only height I wore before Olivia). I’m a lot more casual although, I am on maternity leaven so this is subject to change of course. Without doubt, the clothes has to be low maintenance, I just don’t have time to iron and faff with garments.


Q5. You’ve just come back from a winter sun holiday, what are your tips for holiday packing?

KG – I plan, I’m a planner. I sometimes pop a little Pinterest board together but without fail, I’ll have a list or two on the go a couple of weeks before. This time was slightly different as we had Olivia with us and, even after adding additional baggage, I was limited in what I could take. This time, it was all about the versatility of the wardrobe – if you want to have a nose at some of my outfits, you can find them over on my blog.

Q6. Tell us something we maybe wouldn’t know about you…?

KG – I used to play brass, jazz mainly. I have won national and world titles as part of bands #bandgeek

Q7. What’s the best fashion advice you have been given?

KG – There is so so much… Dress for you…Be comfortable…Dress like you’re bumping into your worst enemy everyday… The list goes on. The one I use all the time is a piece of wisdom shred by my very stylish Nan..If you see it and like it, buy it. It may not be there tomorrow. Get it home, try it, style it, justify it and then, if it isn’t right you can take it back. On the odd occasion I haven’t followed this rule, it’s caught me out. That said, I’m always doing returns! Oh oh, actually, my Nan also taught me the “scrunch test” – If you’re not sure about the fabric, give it a little scrunch and if it bounces back it’s gonna’ wear well, if not, it’ll wear badly.

Q8. How do you decide which trends to buy into each season?

KG – Budget…I’m on maternity leave at the moment so that plays a huge part in the decision! That said, no matter what, I stick with what I know suits me. I think I’m fairly classic with a nod to the trends. This season its about the sleeves, these I can do as long as 1) They aren’t too long and flowing to dip into a nappy 2) They don’t drown my petite frame. Playing with the trends is fun but, staying true to your style is key too. I don’t want to be the the same as everyone else.

Q9. Petite ladies have said there’s limited choice for denim, we’d love to know where you buy your jeans from?

KG – In the main it’s Topshop petite and Zara. I either customise (this means taking the scissors to them for raw hems), have them altered or, the cheat for me is buying regular sized ‘ankle grazers’ as these tend to fit my 28 inch leg just right. Oh and right now, I have a chunky turn up too.

Q10. What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog?

KG – Know your message and purpose…If you want to write about cooking, think about your style and then, just be yourself. You can evolve once you have the foundation of who you are. A very successful blogger told me to think about who your talking to, will they understand and relate to you?

We hope that’s given you a little insight to Karen. You can follow her blog here and find her sharing her style over on Instagram here.