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3 Simple Steps to Style Your Outfit Perfectly Everytime

3 Simple Steps to Style Your Outfit Perfectly Everytime

We’re all for handy little tips to successfully turn your daily outfits into a stylish, weekly montage. Browsing through Who What Wear we came across a fabulous trick that we just had to share.

Without further ado let us introduce the three piece rule; a clever, simple guide to add that extra stylish touch to your look each day without fuss. Don’t worry it’s not as complicated as the offside rule. 

Our stylists always encourage our clients to add a jacket, scarf or necklace to their outfit to add interest and an edge to their personal style. We can now add a title to our advice, that will certainly stick each morning when rushing to get to work; a reminder or check list as you style yourself for the day ahead.

The clever tip is quite self explanatory ensuring that your outfit for the day consists of three pieces excluding your footwear. For example, add a bomber jacket to your jeans and tee or a scarf to your sweater and skirt. Keep it simple or experiment with layering to add a stylistic touch to your look. Some may wish to take this concept a little further creating an outfit that consists or four or five items yet the three piece rule is a good starting point.

We challenge you to apply the three piece rule to your daily style to see if you notice a difference to how you look and feel. Let us know how you get on and if the three piece rule adds that stylistic edge you were looking for.

If you’re struggling to find that third piece please get in touch, we would love to help. For now, take a look at the below examples from Marks and Spencer to inspire your outfit choices.


Photo Credit: Marks and Spencers