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5 ways to feel more body confident

5 ways to feel more body confident

Many people consider the role of a stylist as frivolous, someone who may help you shop for a specific occasion, perhaps only for ‘fashionable’ items. Far from the truth and we want to help you understand why.  This month we’re focused on a sensitive but very important subject matter; body confidence. Your clothes have a huge impact on the way you feel, if you don’t feel good in your clothes, you won’t feel good about yourself. Equally, if your mindset isn’t in a positive space you won’t wear clothes that make you feel good either. 

Whilst a stylist can help you do those things that suit your lifestyle right now, much of the time our clients are looking for a way to feel more body confident and we have just the remedy. 

How do stylists help you feel good in your clothes? 

First, the most important tool in our box is you.; the subject matter, the client, the person that wants to make changes. It’s important that we discover who you are and where you want to be with your wardrobe. Once we’ve made these discoveries we can put things in place to ensure what we’re providing you with are things that really inspire you and make you feel good. 

Our job is to make you feel extra fabulous in your clothes, but we don’t hold the answers, you do. We merely have the tools to work with and connect you with the clothes you’ve been missing out on all along. 

We help you increase your body confidence through your clothes. So if you thought a personal stylist is someone that will root through the wardrobe throw your clothes away and take you on frivolous shopping trips, think again. Unless of course, this is what you want. 

1. Accept that your body will always change

We all go through times in our lives where our bodies make changes and if we don’t make the choice for change it can be harder to come to terms with. These things WILL happen, accept the change and make a choice on what you wish to do with the change; is it something you can control? Do you really want it to change? What’s the reason for change? If it’s not in your control accept what is happening to you and thank your body for what it is doing and what it has done. 

Our bodies are spectacularly clever and do so much more than we can give credit for. Sometimes our emotional wellbeing can play a big part in the way we feel about our bodies, take a rain check on the things that are contributing to this and you’ll see a change in the way you feel about your body. 

2. Work on your physical wellbeing

Whatever this is for you. 

Regular physical exercise results in your mental and emotional state working at a higher level, a healthy, happy body does the same for your mindset. You’ll view your body in a different light and it’s important we make time to look after these amazingly strong machines we use every single day. 

But what does this mean for you? You don’t have to power lift three times a week to feel strong. Remember the point of this is to build strength on the inside whether that’s visible on the outside or not. Find out what works for you; a daily walk, a fortnightly class or regular mediation can be as good for the body as it is for the soul and when your mindset is in a better space, you’ll notice the changes in your body confidence too.

3. Change your mind and make a choice

Your clothes have the power to change so much but your mindset has the power to change everything. We see ourselves differently to the outside world, we flatter our flaws with more than they deserve because it’s mostly what we focus on. If we asked you to name the things you love about your body, how many can you list? No doubt you’ll have a bigger list of your flaws than anything else. We all have flaws, each and every one of us but how much you focus on these will determine positive or negative you feel about your body.

We believe body confidence is a choice. Only you have the power to make changes to your body, mindset and confidence levels. Working on one just one of things will help the others fall in to place, it’s your choice. 

4. The power of self talk

When your mindset is in a positive space you’ll find yourself being kinder to your body. Your own words have the power to increase your self confidence. By using words that empower you whether out loud or inside your mind you’ll notice a big difference in what you feel you can do. 

Brainstorm some words that make you feel strong and help you focus on a goal or day to day confidence. Repeat them regularly especially when you’re feeling low or pop them on a sticky note and stick them on mirrors, around your house/office etc. You’ll be surprised at how effective regular positive self talk can be. 

5. Manage your surroundings 

Who are you surrounded by that gives you a positive outlook? What do you read that encourages an abundant mindset? What do you listen to that builds your self esteem? What choices do you regularly make that contribute towards the feeling of confidence? 

Sometimes we fly through our daily tasks without giving any of the above some thought. It might seem obvious but your surroundings play a huge part in how you feel. Just a few small changes can make a big difference to your self esteem. 

It is our intention as stylists to build your confidence both inside and out, clothes are our tools to help with that because what you wear has a big impact on how you feel. If you’re not heading in the direction you feel you should be with your confidence levels, check in with us to see if we can help you on your way.

But for now, stay strong and believe in your body.

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