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Why 50 is the new 30

Why 50 is the new 30

One in five women over 50 say they feel sexier now than they did when they were younger, so what can we learn from them, asks Gina Jones.

If you’re into your chick flicks, you’ll remember that scene in 13 going on 30 where Jennifer Garner’s character is suffering teen angst and decides that she’d prefer to wake up and instead be ‘thirty, flirty and thriving’. Your thirties are when you’re supposed to be in control, feeling more self-assured and comfortable in your own skin. What the movies don’t seem to take into account is that this is the very age that women are likely to face some of the biggest challenges in their life: finally gaining some seniority (and responsibility) at work, buying a house, having a family (and all the bodily and emotional changes having kids can bring). With all of these balls in the air, the one marked ‘self-care’ is usually the first one to drop, so it’s unsurprising that many women feel like they’ve lost their mojo by this point. The good news is that it does come back, apparently.

A recent OnePoll.com study commissioned by clothing retailer Peter Hahn found that women over 50 are having the time of their lives and feeling better about themselves than ever; 54% said they have experienced a new lease of life since turning 50, while 68% say they’re regularly complimented on their style while they are out.

This age group also has more disposable income to spend on themselves – splashing out £1,783 a year on average to look good. The study found that the average women over 50 owns at least two designer handbags and one pair of designer sunglasses, with a third owning up to three pairs of designer shoes.

More than half of them said it takes years of experience to truly master being glamorous, with 28% saying they thought younger women were less glam than they are. Many put this down to younger women not having had as much life experience as them, with one respondent admitting it takes time to feel comfortable with who you are.

It’s easy for women to feel lost in all the responsibility and life changes that come along in your thirties, but it’s great to hear that you can emerge from the other side feeling stronger and sexier than you did before. As my favourite on-screen 50-year-old Samantha Jones would say, ‘it’s good to be 50 and fabulous’!

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