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6 ways to grab a bargain that will last longer than the sales

6 ways to grab a bargain that will last longer than the sales

Shopping the sales isn’t everybody’s idea of time well spent. For others it’s it’s the best time of year to stock up without paying more than you need. But how do you shop the sales? We’ve got 6 savvy sale shopping tips that will ensure you’re getting a bargain on something that you really WILL wear!

  1. Consider the contents of your wardrobe; What have you already got and what do you really need? Make a list and don’t get too distracted unless you really love the item
  2. Justify your purchase; What will you wear it with? Can it be worn with more than one thing? How many times can you see yourself wearing it?
  3. Consider quality over quantity; A bargain isn’t a bargain unless you get your moneys worth of wear. Consider the potential lifespan of the item and weather you are prepared to sacrifice quality for quantity.
  4. Relax! Don’t pressure yourself for a purchase just because the sales are on. Enjoy shopping and consider items you may not usually be drawn to
  5. Look online; For many high street stores, all sale items and more are usually online too with great returns policies – from the comfort of your own home you can check your wardrobe and shop!
  6. If you prefer to touch, feel and try before you buy; prepare yourself for busy stores, limited stocks and queues at peak times.

And if you still want to shop for a bargain, before you head out the door, consider this;

  • Know your colours to find a flattering bargain
  • Head straight for your colours to eliminate at least 60% of the chaos
  • Consider the style of the items – do they really suit you?
  • How will you wear it?
  • Can it be worn with more than one thing?
  • How much is it discounted & is it worth the price tag?

Take a few pointers in mind along with your purse and you’ll be more inclined to buy only things you need that won’t sit in the wardrobe for too long. You should really WANT those things you are buying in order to save yourself a bulging wardrobe next month!


We’ve scoured the sales and found our favourites right here – what have you got?