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9 Tips to Survive the School Run in Style

9 Tips to Survive the School Run in Style

The beginning of September marks the end of the summer holidays and the start of school. That manic rush to get out of the front door fully dressed is a lot to handle so early in the morning. School uniforms ironed, lunch made, the latest hairstyles mastered and your ready to go. Right?

Wrong! Doing the school run in your PJ’s may not be your best look and sometimes it feels like there is simply no time to get ready. To ensure that you have a stylish outfit to hand with little thought is all in the preparation. Organisation and planning of your wardrobe is key when you have little time for yourself in the morning. Grabbing for an outfit that instantly works and makes you feel confident and in control of your morning routine is essential.


Indulge in our top tips to avoid rushing for the door totally unprepared.

  • Save time by prepping your outfit the night before. It’s probably the last thing that you want to do before hitting the sack yet pulling out a comfortable, stylish outfit prior will benefit you in the morning and for the rest of the day.
  • Try to organise your wardrobe removing any items that you do not wear or fit properly. Your closet will look more appealing with a selection of clothing that you like and feel good in. You will more than likely pick an item from your wardrobe edit that you are pleased with and works with the rest of your clothing. Think of a capsule wardrobe where most items work together.
  • Mix comfort with style. Trainers, jeans, basic tees, blazers or bomber jackets are staple items that work together effortlessly. Dungarees are definitely a cool, stylish item that can work for the school run.
  • Check the weather to determine whether your chosen outfit combination is suited to the day ahead. Slip an umbrella in the handbag just in case.
  • For those working in an office, keep it smart and comfortable – yes, this is achievable!
  • Trousers, long dresses and skirts work well and cover your modesty when reaching for your child. Throw on a jacket, tee and scarf and you’re good to go.
  • Choose a bag that works with a lot of outfits to avoid swapping everyday. Imagine finally getting your child to the car and forgetting your keys.
  • Dress last as a porridge spill or foundation mishap may ruin your school run street cred forever!!
  • House of Fraser’s AW16 lookbook (above) master chic comfort effortlessly.


If you need any more tips or help creating the perfect capsule wardrobe please get in touch.