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A glimpse to the future

A glimpse to the future

We’ve recently given you an insight in our last couple of blogs of our story so far and what’s happening now at The image Cons.Co. If you didn’t catch them, read them here. Today we’re talking about the future – our plans, what we’re getting excited about and how you can get involved too.

We’ve told you about our Personal Stylist Training Course – we have courses running through the year, details of which can be found here. What we haven’t yet told you about is the workshops that compliment the course in addition to offering EVERY individual the opportunity to learn something new.

Workshops 2017 
We’ve collaborated with trusted professionals in the industry to bring you varied subjects with a wide appeal. ANYONE can join in with a workshop, some are more business led, others are for anyone that wants to know.

  • Make-Up
  • Trends
  • Hair
  • Business
  • Social Media

Find out more

Take a look here on our events page for more detail when these workshops will be running, this page details all of the opportunities of which you can get involved. You can also send us an email HERE and we’ll add you to our VIP list to make sure you’re not missing out

We are also running personal client led workshops for anyone that wants to focus on a specific subject area without booking a one to one consultation. Not only are these more cost effective, you will be socialising with other like minded people and going away with a great sense of style. Subject areas include:

  • How to wear colour and wear it well
  • Making the most of your wardrobe and saving a LOT of money
  • Making shopping easy: How to shop, where to shop and why
  • What to wear now: Trends setting ways not to follow the trends


All information will be detailed on our events page when the dates are released

What else is to come?

In addition to our exciting workshops, we will soon have details of a great giveaway and more information about our regular feature at Bristol Fashion Week for the Spring season. Details will follow soon so you can get the dates in your diary for some serious fashion fun whether you’re a fashionista or fashion-hater! 

We are also looking forward to rolling out a subscription service and loyalty rewards in the near future to give you a greater experience. Let us know if you interested in these.

Keep in touch on our social channels that you’ll see at the bottom of this page for up to date information & giveaways. We’re excited to give you a big dose of inspiration in 2017 and this is the best way to make sure you’re not missing out!
Don’t forget to check out our visually inspirational Pinterest boards too for more advice from others in the industry