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A Guide to becoming a sustainable stylist

A Guide to becoming a sustainable stylist

There’s clearly something very wrong with how we are shopping when 3 out of 5 new items of clothing are thrown away and incinerated within one year of purchase and millennials agree with 60% of them saying they want to shop more sustainably (source). Our members see the change in shopping trends, with more people wanting to buy clothes that suit a number of purposes, that work together to create varied looks and to help them feel amazing when they wear them.

So, how are you embracing sustainability in your styling business? Have you helped people to shop for their style personality rather than the latest fad? Maybe you’re creating capsule wardrobes with every item bought earning its place within it. Maybe your personal shops include pre-loved items, or sustainability sourced natural fabrics more often than they used to?

This month our members are sharing their top sustainable styling tips with you….

ALEX STANDLEY-  I have a free Luxe Sustainable Style Guide available on my website when you subscribe to my emails at www.luxeleopardlifestyle.co.uk which gives you all the guidance you need when starting to make more sustainable choices when it comes to fashion. I offer many services which are more focused on Sustainable brands, such as my Luxe for Less Wish List service and it’s the focus of all of my personal shopping services. I work with local charity shops to showcase the amazing pieces you can find preloved. To encourage my clients to think of it as another high street retailer! I love discovering new, small sustainable brands and sharing them in my Private Facebook Group or on Instagram, with interviews with the founders when I can! I’m constantly learning and I’m all about each of us making a small change to create a bigger change in the world.

The best place to start is by defining your unique style personality and what works for you. In that way, you’re less likely to be swayed by social media and other influences. One of my top tips is at the start of the season to look at your own wardrobe when hunting down the latest trends. Fashion is so cyclical, you’ll almost always have something similar or relevant. If you do want to buy into the trends and a specific item, why not try setting up an alert on preloved sites such as eBay or Depop? By doing that, you’ll reduce your impact on the planet whilst also hopefully bagging a bargain at a greatly reduced price from the RRP. I’ve found so many ‘it’ items half the price on eBay.

BETHANY ROSE- My top Tip would be to get creative! If something has become worse for wear rework it or mend it! Reuse the item for beautiful fabric it’s constructed with and repurpose it into another item. it’s not just about teaching our clients how they can shop better & wiser it’s about our kit too! With the use of sustainable business cards if needed at all! Digital business cards could be something you offer or the use of sustainable drapes etc. Items that build up our stylist kit will all have a positive effect on the environment.

BECKY BARNES-  Firstly align your business to your values (there is no right or wrong here, it’s just personal choice). Secondly, know that there are some sustainability purists out there. Take no notice. Lots of people doing sustainability imperfectly is much better than 1 person doing it perfectly. Finally,here’s more than 1 way to be sustainable so pick a path that feels right for you. e.g. are you into ethical brands or secondhand?

We love how our community embraces collaboration over community by sharing ideas, tips and advice with each other so we all grow together.

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