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Our Team

Emmeline Stevens

Hello! I’m Emmeline, founder of The image Consulting Co. I’m not a scary fashionista or a bolshy business woman. I’m just me, simply human and passionate about doing the best I can do at a job I love. I’m a mother of 3 and battle with life-juggling scenarios on a daily basis like many other professional women. Although I like to think I do it in a well balanced manner!

My mission is to make a difference in the fashion industry and the way people view themselves improving body confidence and style through a team of unique image consultants. My aim is to give the fashion industry a fresh, inspiring reputation. That’s some mission!

With over 12 years experience in styling and life long career in fashion, I have developed this business by working with some amazing people, brands, retailers and influencers. I am hugely passionate about the work I do with a genuine belief that everyone is unique and can create their own style with a little nudge and with just a few tools we can make each person feel incredible. My commitment to passionately work with each person as a unique individual has helped me develop our brand to what we can offer today.

You can read more about me by clicking that pink button under my picture to the left.

I’m a big believer in kindness, support and development of others which has helped me bring together a strong team of stylists who support each other and help one another thrive. With this ethos we aim to provide the most impressive service to you, our client. With a great variety of stylists to choose from it’s our objective to ensure each client is perfectly paired with their ideal stylist, just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll ensure your stylist meets every need.

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Karen Lowe

Brigitte Ward

Becky Barnes

Natalie De Silva

Claire Wright

Michelle Sanfilippo

Karen Goodbrand

Niki Matyjasik

Caroline Walton

Sam Costi

Hannah Davis

Amy Bebbington

Ruth Ellen Davis

Karen Wilson

Claire & Kate

Alison Williams

Simone Lemon

Holly Clemens

Darcy Gavin

Julia Dudziak

Zena Whalley

Esther & Helen

Jo Simmons

Claire Clarke

Jess Robinson

Rebecca Simmonds

Deborah Grant-Collins

Rebecca Ffrancon

Kelly Leader

Hayley Eleanor

Justine Wase

Nick Hems

Gail Painter

Janine Coney

Penny Gunter

Chantel Summers

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