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Are You Wearing the Correct Bra?

Are You Wearing the Correct Bra?

Are you wearing the correct bra? Why do we ask? Because so many women don’t!

Not having the correct amount of support for your chest cannot only have damaging affects to your back yet changes the look of your figure completely. Lifting your breasts to a comfortable height separates your chest from your tummy providing definition and proportion. Trust us!!

Fuller, larger breasts require a bra that supports and lifts yet is comfortable. An ill-fitting bra with little support will certainly feel uncomfortable and reduce your confidence dramatically. It is worthwhile investing time and money into a well made bra that increases your self-esteem and shows off your physique in the best light.

  • Begin with getting your breasts measured to find out the exact size for you. A lot retailers offer this service yet do your research to locate the best in their field – or ask us.
  • Please do not feel embarrassed as your bra will remain firmly fastened and the assistant measures women of all shapes and sizes daily. Honestly, it’s no big deal. 
  • During the fitting you will be able to try a selection of bras to determine what style and size works for you. Have patience. 
  • Speak up and voice your opinions as walking out of the store with another ill-fitting bra is not the answer.
  • Side boob, spilling out of the top or underneath is definitely a no go!
  • Consider how the bra fits on the cup as well as around your back. As a too tight clasp will bring discomfort leaving a trace behind.
  • Remember the perfect bra should fit at all areas. Do not leave the store until you are completely satisfied.

Good news! Lots of lingerie brands cater for a larger bust with pretty prints and vibrant colours. John Lewis for example provides a fantastic selection of bras for all shapes and sizes with superb customer service and product knowledge too. Ask away!

If you are feeling overwhelmed or unconfident about taking that first step to finding the perfect bra for you get in touch. Don’t hesitate any longer your breasts need our help!

Take a look at some of the styles available on the high street. The perfect bra is waiting for you.

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