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Are You Wearing The Correct Bra?

Are You Wearing The Correct Bra?

When advising our clients we always stress that wearing the correct size underwear is highly important. It is vital to ensure that your bra fits correctly as the affect this will have on your body shape and confidence is dramatic. When choosing the perfect bra, we suggest to seek out a bra fitting. Although this may seem daunting at first, the procedure is not as embarrassing as first appears. 

Firstly, choose a retailer that has the correct expertise and a high reputation such as John Lewis. The staff will have received training which will ensure your appointment is professional and friendly. Please note you do not have to remove your underwear as you will be accurately measured wearing your bra – hurrah! Retailers such as John Lewis have a wide selection of bras and sizes to suit.

Wearing the correct bra will enhance your body shape as your breasts will sit in the right place giving you the needed the support and lift for all sizes. Believe us, you will feel more comfortable and confident with your figure.

Take a look at the range at John Lewis below. There is a wonderful selection of brands in beautiful designs and colours. A new addition is the Curvy Kate range, which caters for a larger bust in style!!

Why not book in an appointment today, if you would like a bespoke service outside of a retailer environment our stylists are also trained in bra fitting. Get the support needed to feel confident about your figure from the inside out!!