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Beauty Tip: Top Lengthening Mascaras

Beauty Tip: Top Lengthening Mascaras

Mascara is probably the staple in a lot of women’s make-up bags, it opens up your eyes, makes you feel and look more awake and can give a more youthful look to the face. Here are our picks for a few great lengthening mascaras tried and tested by our team! 

1. Marks & Spencer Autograph Neverending Lashes
The really straight brush on this mascara lends itself easily to getting in every corner and it also makes it easy to top up the ends of your lashes for that extra long look. Hypoallergenic and fragrance free!

2. The Body Shop Define & Lengthen Mascara
Lengthening, smudge resistant and flake proof, this little beauty is all about glossy long lashes.

3. Maybelline Illegal Length MascaraA personal favourite of one of the girls, this is a great volumising as well as lengthening mascara, killing two birds with one stone!

There are only three options here that we love here at TiCC, if you have any other recommendations let us know and we can check them out. We’re always looking for new beauty gems!