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BFW SS16: How not to dress like a mum

BFW SS16: How not to dress like a mum

As part of our few days giving free style advice to shoppers at Bristol Fashion Week, we aim to inspire, interact and engage with the public too. Not always do our clients know what they are looking for so we present demonstrations to give pointers on what our clients generally want to know about during the season. If you missed us at Bristol Fashion Week this season, here’s your opportunity to catch up, as we offer you our demonstration advice on the blog!

The final of four SS16 BFW blogs: How not to dress like a mum!


Stylist Emmeline discussing mum style dressing at BFW

Too many times we hear women tell us they don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb, or shop in the same place as their daughters. However, on the flip side of this many women fall in to the trap of ‘mum-style-dressing’ Dressing 10 years older than they are. We also meet a lot of mums who feel they don’t have time to pay attention to themselves in turn opting for the nearest supermarket t-shirt and jeans. Being busy mums ourselves, we appreciate our children are always a priority, but we have to make time for ourselves too. As a Personal Stylist our job is based on personal presentation and looking good to inspire others, so we understand the challenges faced with looking good on a daily basis, we often discuss the prospect of throwing on joggers & sweater when we get home.

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So how do we change this? – firstly, you need to give yourself a good pat on the back, it’s been proven that being a mum is one of the most challenging jobs to undertake, no one gives you a training manual so you have to work it out for yourself, so well done for getting this far. The next thing to do is consider the way you dress now – where can it improve? Are you a floral kind of girl? – perhaps those flowers could do with a bit of modernising. Maybe your jeans can be updated from boot cut to slim leg? Are you wearing an anorak or a smart jacket? Where do you feel ‘mumsy’? Start on one small area at a time and work from there. A small change can make a big difference and although you may have worn that trend years ago – you can still make it work by styling it in the modern way.

Use Pinterest (Here’s a board just for mums) as a good source of visual inspiration. Look at others take notes on how they look a certain way and learn to do it for yourself.

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Often looking good starts from inside, so consider the way you feel about yourself and work on that too, once you feel good inside, you’ll start to enhance the external parts and look good on the outside too.

Watch THIS video in conjunction with mum vlogger The Girl Behind The Camera: Jules Furness for steps on how to get yourself looking good form the inside out and GET IN TOUCH with us to discuss where it’s going wrong for you

Image courtesy of Pinterest: Lovetaza.com Lemonsandlace.com