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BFW SS16: How to wear scarves in Summer

BFW SS16: How to wear scarves in Summer

As part of our few days giving free style advice to shoppers at Bristol Fashion Week, we aim to inspire, interact and engage with the public too. Not always do our clients know what they are looking for so we present demonstrations to give pointers on what our clients generally want to know about during the season. If you missed us at Bristol Fashion Week this season, here’s your opportunity to catch up, as we offer you our demonstration advice on the blog!

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 The third of four SS16 BFW blogs: How to wear scarves in Summer?

SONY DSCSummer months doesn’t mean losing all of your accessories, least not scarves. This very simple must have accessory is suitable all year round, particularly if you want to keep your stylish look whilst keeping your cool. Scarves in the summer should be colourful to suit your tones since you wear them close to the face. However, this time of year keep the fabrics light and soft. Smaller scarves will be less admin and cooler whilst larger scarves offer a variety of ways to wear on summer evenings and for layering. Layering in British weather is essential, the chances of a very hot day are limited so on those cooler summer days of jeans & t-shirt, use a scarf as a cover up or even as a light weight top tied with a belt. A scarf in the summer can style up any old t-shirt and is a must for the summer wardrobe. Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 14.29.29

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