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BFW SS16: De-cluttering for Summer

BFW SS16: De-cluttering for Summer

As part of our few days giving free style advice to shoppers at Bristol Fashion Week, we aim to inspire, interact and engage with the public too. Not always do our clients know what they are looking for so we present demonstrations to give pointers on what our clients generally want to know about during the season. If you missed us at Bristol Fashion Week this season, here’s your opportunity to catch up, as we offer you our demonstration advice on the blog!

The second of four SS16 BFW blogs: How to de-clutter the wardrobe for Summer

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So we’ve briefly seen the sun in the UK. Now we’re talking Summer wear and now’s the time to really look at de-cluttering the wardrobe for the new season. Firstly, our advice to you is that unless you own minimal clothes and have already created a capsule wardrobe, you should separate your winter warmers from your summer coolers. Yes, your Winter wardrobe can now be packed away and your Summer clothes can be bought in to the sunlight but before you plop them in to your closet, make sure you are going to wear ALL of those items or they are not worthy of the space. Follow a few simple steps to hep you maximise your wardrobe this season:

  • Take a couple of hours to focus on your wardrobe and empty it of everything. Whilst doing so place the items in one of three piles: 1.) Items you love & wear 2.) Items you like but don’t wear or not too sure about, items that have tags 3.) Items that are past it’s wearing date, things you don’t know why you own!
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  • With the items you love hang or fold them carefully and place them by items type back in the wardrobe. Then focus on the other two piles: With the pile you dislike (third pile) place them in a bag and plan to take them to a better home, charity shop, on ebay or such like, keep in mind those items are GOING! With the second pile take your time to go through these items and consider how much you enjoy wearing them – the likelihood is that you won’t but may have items here that you don’t wear that have sentimental value or similar. Store items that you won’t wear but want to keep in a place away from your day to day wardrobe, items that you can see yourself wearing again – justify their space in the wardrobe, look at other items in the wardrobe that you love and see if they work together, consider your wardrobe a valuable space, have respect and care for it in order to get the most from it. Make a decision on each item and decide if you really do love it or if it should make friends with someone new.
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  • Back to the wardrobe and ensure everything is neatly folded particularly knitwear and day to day items less valuable. Hang other items on a side facing rail where possible in order of item type. Whilst tidying and merchandising your items hang together tops and bottoms you may not have looked at together before, mix your wardrobe in a way you might do for a friend and think outside the box!
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  • Once you have a tidy de-cluttered wardrobe you’ll easily be able to see the gaps and spaces that need to be filled. Ensure you do your homework to find out which colours and styles suit you before you shop for the items that work with those already in the wardrobe

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