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What Sunglasses Do You Wear?

As we are tapping away at the keyboard there are droplets of rain running down the window pane. However, despite the gloomy threatening storms that await our stylists have been scouting out sunnies for those glorious sunshine days!! Now sunglasses are a stylish essential that are...

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Are You Wearing The Correct Bra?

When advising our clients we always stress that wearing the correct size underwear is highly important. It is vital to ensure that your bra fits correctly as the affect this will have on your body shape and confidence is dramatic. When choosing the perfect bra,...

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The Swimwear Series: Straight up & down!

Last week we looked at swimwear for the gorgeous hourglass ladies out there. This week it's the turn of the athletic, straight up and down girls. Straight up & down ladies normally have minimal hips and not many in and out bits and they usually...

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The Swimwear Series: Pear Shapes

The summer can be a minefield for us ladies and our swimwear. We have to decide what to wear for the occasion, the location, the trends and not to mention our body shapes as well! So we've come up with a helpful guide, over a...

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Join our Live Stylist Hour

A new feature that is being launched this week on Twitter is our Live Personal Stylist hour, which will be taking place on Sunday 25th May between 7-8pm. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with a stylist to solve any fashion issues instantly. One...

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