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Find of The Day: The Investment Skirt

If you're on of the ladies who doesn't shop a lot but when you do, you really invest in something, be it a statement piece or a classic staple, we salute you! This is a great habit to be in, shop less but wear more,...

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Wardrobe Top Tips: Footwear Storage

Whilst preparing tips on how to maintain an organised wardrobe we came across a useful and efficient way to store your flip flops and sandals. With the Summer months fast approaching it is important to have your footwear essentials to hand at a moments notice. As...

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A Perfect 14

A Perfect 14 is a new Canadian documentary by James Early O'Brien and Giovanna Morales Vargas featuring 'plus-size' models Kerosene Deluxe, Laura Wells and Elly Mayday. The exploration of their experience in the fashion industry is discussed and the actual term 'plus-size' is challenged. Their success...

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How to Wear: Spring/Summer Boots

Boots used to simply be a thing of the cold months, useful for making sure that your toes don't fall off from frostbite! Now, we're seeing a little influx of spring and summer boots worthy of the sunshine! Clearly these aren't the ones for a...

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What Is Colour Analysis?

Our dedicated followers may have witnessed our stylists discussing what colours suit different individuals. This is known as colour analysis, which is a service we provide at The image Consulting Company. Have you ever considered having a colour consultation?By taking into consideration the individuals skin...

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