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Master The Art of Layering

The transitional season is beginning to slowly approach with one telling sign - the weather!!! The heavy sporadic showers clash with the beautiful sunshine rays leaving many confused and unsettled on how to dress for that days adventure. Layering is the key to surviving the...

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How To Know Which Colour Suits You

Now, we all have to agree that Coco Chanel knew a thing or two about fashion and style. This quote "The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you" is very true and represents what we believe here at The...

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100 Years of Style

I stumbled across this endearing video that celebrates the evolution of 100 years of style. Dance through the roaring twenties, stunning forties, swinging sixties and experimental eighties (to name a few). Through seamless scene changes the costumes transform into a representation of that era alongside...

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The Friday Girl: How to Wear Leather in Your 30s

Second in the How to Wear Leather Series is the 30s!Ok, so these aren't strictly real leather but you can find some absolutely gorgeous real leather trousers on the market out there. These are a fab alternative that can also be layered over normal leggings...

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How To Wear Sheer Fabrics

Beyonce is recognised for her gorgeous, curvaceous figure and knowing how to accentuate her curves perfectly. The Grammy Awards was certainly no exception!!! Her exquisite lace dress highlights her beautiful body shape and the larger gaps in the delicate pattern draw attention to her slender...

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How To Wear Ankle Boots

It's confirmed!!! Ankle boots are my favourite kind of footwear - black ones in particular. I believe that they are the most versatile piece of footwear I own and since buying my Chelsea Boots I have worn them most days.Ankle boots can be teamed with...

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