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My Personal Style Resolution

My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to "practice what I preach"After a hectic few months and Christmas to contend with my wardrobe was getting out of control - I assure you this is not an exaggeration!!!!I decided to tackle this head on using the...

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Where To Find Style Inspiration

Most women religiously look to fashion magazines and websites desperate to find inspiration on how to style the latest trend. However, many of these images are pinned and re-touched to create the perfect scenario. I have started to look to the general public for ideas!!!I...

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How To Wear Leggings

My fashion revelation this week is my love of the legging craze, which to my surprise has endured many seasons, trends and years. To be honest I despised the return of leggings all those years ago but I have recently turned a corner and become...

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Your Style Dilemmas Answered!!

First of all Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating in your killer (re-styled) outfits!!At the start of a new year everyone starts evaluating their life including their style (don't worry it is not just you). I thought it would...

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The Friday Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions

So you've survived Christmas Day, the Boxing Day sales, gone back to work and perhaps struggled through the past few days with a tiny tired and emotional *cough hangover cough*, it's time to face those New Year resolutions, if you've made them and face the...

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New Years Eve Outfit Solutions

So the big night of the year is drawing closer and plans have been made. Some people feel a lot of pressure to wear the most extravagant outfit that ever existed!!!! Countless times I have hit the shops to find the 'perfect New Years Eve'...

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