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5 Facts About Bras That Everyone Should Know

They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours and anything from t-shirt bras to push-ups, most of us wear a bra every day but how much do we really know about the humble brassiere? Read on for 5 need-to-know facts about bras that will have...

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10 Questions With Amy

Amy has been a part of TiCC team for as long as we can remember! We couldn't leave it any longer to ask her 10 questions about her style, job and perfect weekend! ...

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Summer Style Tips – Part 1

If you’re feeling slightly spoilt by having a couple weeks of glorious sunshine and had to rush to the shops to start working on your summer wardrobe way earlier than expected, fear not we are here to help! There’s no need to panic buy as...

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How to Pack a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

If like us you’ve absolutely loved the scorching Bank Holiday Weekend and you’ve booked your flights to exotic places in search of more sun, then our capsule travel wardrobe blog is for you. Like most of us, we’d love to take the entire contents of...

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7 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas to Feel Fabulous In

As the wedding invites come flooding in the search for the perfect frock begins. Before the impulse late night online buys and frantically hitting the shops start we thought we’d provide you with some inspiration to steer you in the right aisle. We’re chanelling the...

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The Art of Style with Michelle Sanfilippo

Ahead of The Art of Style event held at Cabot Circus at the end of the month - 23rd-29th April - we caught up with the lovely Michelle Sanfilippo who will be available to offer expert style advice on the latest trends, prints and colour....

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10 Questions with Claire

Meet the beautiful and lovely Claire Wright, a stylist, Nutritional Health Coach and a new member of our team! She joined us back in February and we thought we'd left it long enough to chat to her!...

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Secrets to a clutter free wardrobe

Women love shopping for shoes & clothes. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. We buy something we shouldn’t have but couldn't resist, only to get it home and negotiate how we’ll sneak it in to the wardrobe past our other halves. It’s been known...

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7 Must Have Pieces for SS18

Brrrrrr, it’s cold! With the Beast from the East covering the whole of England in a blanket of glistening snow and temperatures reaching well into the minus figures, you may not yet be reaching for those key new season pieces that are filtering into the...

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Interview: Becky Barnes’ Year Challenge

Would you be able to go a whole year without buying brand new clothes? Could you resist New Year sales or new season designs? Our stylist, Becky Barnes has done just that setting herself a challenge only buy from charity or vintage shops this year....

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