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Brigitte Ward

Brigitte’s classic, chic elegant style is complimentary to the diversity TiCC offers, an inspiring stylist with a wonderful nature, Brigitte will take your wardrobe to new heights and show you simple yet effective ways to wear your wardrobe with style.

Describe yourself in a few key words: Friendly, Caring, Creative, Genuine, Fun

What inspires you? Beautiful surroundings, Positive energy, Fabrics, Clients. I love seeing the way the smallest detail can make the biggest difference to a person and watch their confidence grow.

Fashion influencers: Whistles, Jigsaw, Zara and Reiss, Joseph, Victoria Beckham

Personal Style: classic, chic, simple

3 things we don’t know about you: 

  • I love entertaining
  • Keeping fit helps me channel my energy, I’m currently learning yoga!
  • I’ve run a half marathon


What is your style philosophy? Keep it simple but significant

Favourite words of wisdom:

“Fashion fades but style is eternal”

Yves Saint Laurent