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BFW SS16: Which colours now?

BFW SS16: Which colours now?

As part of our few days giving free style advice to shoppers at Bristol Fashion Week, we aim to inspire, interact and engage with the public too. Not always do our clients know what they are looking for so we present demonstrations to give pointers on what our clients generally want to know about during the season. If you missed us at Bristol Fashion Week this season, here’s your opportunity to catch up, as we offer you our demonstration advice on the blog!

The first of four SS16 BFW blogs: Which colours now?

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Knowing your colours is one thing. Knowing which colour you should be wearing this season as a result of the trend led activity every store follows is another.

Firstly, which colours are apparent this season?  Our SS16 board on Pinterest should inspire you further, but lets start with the basics: Key colours this season come in the form of soft pinks through to bold Orange. Khaki is a big hit on the high street with primary colours Blue, Red & Yellow striking a trend for high summer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.30.27
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.29.04But which should you wear? If your colours are on the warmer side Orange will be a great accent or full on colour for you depending on how confident you are. Yellow will also be a winner, For cooler tones, opt for a soft pastel pink or for a bold touch go for strong bright blue. Khaki is a good colour for many, particularly multi tonals or those who prefer a subdued feel. Navy and many blues, particularly denim is key and is also great as a dark neutral alternative. Team blue & Khaki together for an understated look. Be sure to add prints in here too. Now there’s another conversation!

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Check out that Pinterest board for inspiration and follow us for new ideas, images & pins added regularly.

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