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Emmeline Stevens

Founder of The image Consulting Co, Emmeline’s approach to fashion is no slave to the trade. Her mildly quirky style radiates her attraction to unique, individual items that suit a busy yet practical lifestyle without losing her sense of style. Claiming she is no trend setter, Emmeline’s love for scouring new looks encourages a great passion for helping others feel good about their individual style too. 

Describe yourself in a few key words: Creative Perfectionist, Unconventional, Generous, Honest,

What inspires you? Best friends. Music. Fashion. Art. Magazines.

Fashion influencers: Zara. Warehouse. Ted Baker. Whistles. Kurt Geiger. Elie Saab. Balmain.

Personal Style: Classic, Chic, Practical, Quirky, Unique

3 things we don’t know about you:

  • I rarely watch TV but love Music & Theatre
  • My middle name is Porta
  • Long hair really doesn’t suit me


What is your style philosophy? Be you, choose your own style. Let others follow the crowd. Have confidence in yourself from within. There is something everyone dislikes about their body however gorgeous you think they may be

Favourite words of wisdom:

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

Coco Chanel