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Erica’s Story…

Erica’s Story…

Q: Hi Erica! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. You completed your training earlier this year, can you tell us a brief synopsis of your history (who you are, what you did before you trained, what caused you to decide to retrain in another field)…

A: Hi, I’m Erica Summers and I am a London-Based Personal Stylist @styledbyericasummers. Prior to becoming a Personal Stylist, I worked as a Personal Assistant. After having my children (I’m a mum to two boys aged 6 & 4), going back to work full time just wasn’t feasible. Training as a Personal Stylist allowed me to have a job I can truly say I love and I am able to fit my appointments around the school run. It has provided me with the opportunity to run my own business and develop a whole new skill set.

I am passionate about helping other women to feel their very best through a Personal Styling session with me. I definitely want my clients to leave happier and more confident than when they arrived. It’s a very rewarding feeling for me!

Moreso, when I told friends and family that I was training to be a Personal Stylist, they were so supportive and encouraging – they felt it was what I was meant to do!

Q: Thank’s for sharing that. We feel luck to be a part of your journey! Why
did you decide you wanted to trained with us and how did you find our course…

A: I first met Emmeline at an event she ran with Debbie Le in February 2019. What immediately stood out at the event, was how they were both committed to the phrase ‘collaboration over competition’. They were both so friendly and professional, and were women supporting women. Over the next few months, as I explored ideas for getting back to work, I decided I really wanted to follow my passions. I was having fun posting my outfits on Instagram and engaging with other fashion lovers, and wanted to see how I could take that further. Being a personal Stylist would allow me to have that interaction with women, discussing fashion, styling and so much more.

After discussing the possibility of enrolling on the training with my husband, he was really supportive, and so  I contacted Emmeline and fortunately there was a Personal Styling course coming up.  I trained with the Image Consulting Co in May 2019 on a 5-Day Personal Styling Course.

I remember feeling at the time, a sense of fulfilment and that I was definitely headed in the right direction.  I also got to train with 5 amazing ladies, which was an added bonus.

Q: We definitely think you’ve got something special, Erica. We are so pleased you decided to join our growing team! To finish off, how does it feel to have completed your training and what plans you have for the future..?

A: It felt really incredible to submit my modules to Emmeline and gain my certification. It is an achievement I’m really proud of. I wanted it for myself, but I also want to make my children proud of me, and show them that  if  I can achieve my dreams, they should go after theirs too. I’m currently working on my website and promoting my services through various social media platforms.  I have learnt so much over the last few months since training and I can’t wait to do more wardrobe edits and personal shopping sessions with clients.

On my journey to becoming a Personal Stylist, I have been pushing myself further out of my comfort zone – and it feels good.  I look forward to much more personal growth and learning ahead, and helping women to shine and feel amazing!

You can find Erica on Instagram @styledbyericasummers