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Finding The Perfect Winter Coat

Finding The Perfect Winter Coat

Brrrrrr. It’s as cold as ice out there, which can only mean one thing – the search for a Winter coat is well and truly ON! Seriously, don’t neglect to find a cosy cover up to compliment your wardrobe edit. Let’s face it, a coat becomes your favourite companion over the Winter months and therefore, needs to tick all the boxes. Stylish. Chic. Sophisticated. Comfortable.  High Quality.

Overwhelmed with all the endless styles of coats, don’t worry our coat obsessed stylist, Amy has got you covered.

1. Firstly, don’t scrimp on quality. You may find the perfect style of coat at a low price yet will it last the season? We very much doubt it! Hold out for the coat that is more expensive yet is of high quality, fits just right and you adore. Trust us. You will be the proud of owner of a coat you can’t resist season after season.

2. Locate a style that suits your body shape. Hour glass figures should opt for a blanket coat that belts at the waist whereas a pear shape should choose a style with shoulder detail to add volume to their narrow frame.


Photo Credit: Jigsaw

3. Experiment with colour and print. Go bold with a leopard print style or remain subtly stylish with a peacock green version. Dress for your personality and find a coat that compliments your wardrobe edit.

4. Search for a Winter coat that suits your lifestyle and wardrobe to ensure that the jacket isn’t left in the closet with tags on months later. Parka’s are a stylish, relaxed option for our jeans, daps and tee wearers whereas a pea coat is more formal for the cute dress or skirt lovers.


Photo Credit: La Redoute

5. Practicality! (yawn) You may fall for a beautiful cape yet does this accommodate those school runs or keep you warm at the Christmas markets. If the answer is yes, then go ahead run to the cash desk yet if the answer is no think again. However, please don’t mistake practicality with sensible, dull, lifeless styles as there are so many that mix function with chic sophistication on the high street right now.

Armed with Amy’s tips and tricks you can coat shop with confidence. However, if you still need a helping hand we would love to join in your Winter coat search.