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Gail Painter

Location: Bristol

Price Per Hour: Price on quote

Instagram handle: @gailpainter

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Gail’s youthful energy means she radiates fun and positivity to everyone she meets, and it certainly is infectious. Her background in marketing means she has the confidence to help you achieve your true style potential and her great presence on instagram means you can take a little of her wherever you go! She’s the perfect package – read on to find out more!

Describe yourself in a few key words…

Creative, generous, passionate, warm-hearted, upbeat, healthy sense of humour


What brought you to become an Image Consultant?

I started a blog called Not Givin In a few years ago after I felt that I’d ‘let myself go’ and was determined to find my style mojo again. Now I’ve trained with the Image Consultancy to help others do the same.


What do you love most about your job?

Helping people feel confident.  I absolutely love identifying a new piece for a client’s wardrobe that they would never choose for themselves but looks amazing. It’s magic when that happens.


Who have you worked with that compliments the work you do?

I’ve worked in PR for over 25 years.  One of my favourite clients has been Marks & Spencer.  I was part of a team that helped to launch Autograph and Per Una.


What inspires you?

It’s more who; who inspires me?  And it’s simple.  Other women. I’m just amazed at what my gender brings to the party and when women support women it’s the best.  I like to think that being a personal stylist supporting women on a deep level gives them the tools to live their best life.


How would you describe your personal style?

I’m definitely a mood dresser, so one minute you’ll find I’m dressing quite urban in turned up jeans and Chelsea boots and the next a pretty dress and heels. I enjoy playing dress up.


Tell us 3 things about yourself we don’t know…

  • I got married in Las Vegas with just my husband for company. My best friend zipped me into my wedding dress and then I married him.
  • I love dancing and that feeling of exhilaration when you walk into club and a good song is playing. I miss that.
  • I recently flew a small plane for an hour.  It was a special present for my 50th birthday and I was dreading it, even though I love flying.  It was amazing.


Tell us your favourite quote or words of wisdom…

Spend a little, save a little.


What plans do you have for the future? 

To keep going!