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Has Keira Knightley Gone Too Far?

Has Keira Knightley Gone Too Far?

Here at The image Consulting Company we identify body shapes and how to dress them accordingly. Recently, Keira Knightley who is famous for her slender rectangular figure has been using extreme illusions to balance out her proportions to create an hourglass figure. Has she gone too far? Let’s take a look below:

Photo Sources: Rex Features / Leandro Justen / BFANYC, Splash,  Rex Features / vogue.co.uk

1. Back in March, Knightley attended the Chanel F/W 14 Show at Paris Fashion Week wearing a Karl Lagerfeld monochrome dress. The box shaped cropped top and matching skirt is divided by the black band that cinches in her waist creating a very unusual silhouette. The over-sized top provides a strange optical illusion that suggests she is unnaturally thin and top heavy. Instead of creating a more curvaceous figure the actress has opted for a square-like interpretation.

2. The actress strikes again at The Tribeca Film Festival. Her mid-section is highlighted by the use of volume, although not as extreme as her first outfit. The length and start of the skirt elongates the actresses figure rather than creating an hourglass shape. The sequin top adds unnecessary volume to her arms and swamps her petite frame.

3. To attend the Chanel dinner held in her honour of her closing night film at Tribeca Grill she wore a pale pink number, which again highlights her waist with the loose fit top with flared sleeves and the A-line skirt. This outfit lines are not as harsh due to the subtle colour and lightweight fabric, however the same unusual silhouette is achieved.

So, what’s your verdict? We are not convinced that the shape of the dresses are showcasing Keira’s figure in the right way. The oversized tops and A-line skirts are highlighting her waist emphasising an unrealistic perception.

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