The thigh gap has become a craze that has swept into young minds creating a new ideal to strive for. The trend is to shave weight from your upper thighs to produce a gap when stood upright and feet together. Some girls/ladies naturally have the thigh gap whereas many obsess to achieve the look through exercise and dieting – a worrying thought for the young generation. 

The craze has introduced another area for women to adhere too. The pressure to ensure your figure includes this feature has become as important as having a slim waist or pert derrière – which have concerned many over the years. Essentially, the thigh gap does not enhance your figure yet allows for your legs to appear too slim in comparison to the rest of your body if achieved unnaturally. 

What will be next? The ideals are constantly changing in the wrong direction. Our role as personal stylists is to allow for women to feel comfortable with their body shape and rest assured if you don’t naturally have a thigh gap you are on the right track.

How large should the gap be? There is always competition to present the best possible figure, which will apply to the matter in question. So, does the biggest gap earn an award? A round of applause from friends, a pat on the back or envious pals striving to follow in your footsteps. Does the trend have limitations? When will it become dangerous?

What is your opinion on the craze? Are you personally aware of the pressure to possess a thigh gap? We would love to hear your thoughts?