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How do you care for your hair?

How do you care for your hair?

Continuing with our first impressions blogs, this fourth blog post of the series will be informing you on how to take care of your hair, various styles within celebrities and tips! …

How often do you wash your hair? Washing your hair may seem like a basic subject matter, but you are only meant to wash your hair two – three times a week to keep it in best condition. Following a previous blog post regarding personal hygiene, it was mentioned that greasy hair is off-putting when talking to someone, and without realising, your opinion on this person will have gone down purely because of the dirtiness of their hair. It is so important to look after your hair- particularly in situations where you are meeting someone for the first time. In regards to shampoo’s and conditioners, it is known that the more expensive, the better the quality. Buying shampoo’s and conditioners from salons will improve the healthiness of your hair. It is said that these products also last longer because you do not need to use much per wash. For short – shoulder length hair, when using shampoo, you are meant to use the size of a 20p coin. For longer hair, a 50p coin is recommended to create healthy looking hair.

We understand that your lifestyle may hold back how regularly you wash your hair. This can be annoying because you want to look after your hair, but you don’t always have the time to wash it. Have you heard of dry shampoo? It is a spray on product that works the same way shampoo does, without needing to use water. Investing in a dry shampoo will reduce oil build up and can add volume to your hair in such a little amount of time. Dry shampoos are sold in drugstores and most supermarkets.

When washing your hair, make sure the water is cold / lukewarm. The last thing you want to do is use hot water on your hair- because this will damage the condition of your hair due to the heat. It is obvious that some of us will use heat when styling our hair. Hair dryers, straighteners or curling tongs will cause the most damage, which is why it is important to use a good quality heat protection spray. Before using any heat on your hair, be sure to let your hair dry naturally for fifteen minutes. This will cut down on how much heat your hair is taking and also save time! Spraying the heat protection on your hair whilst still wet will allow the liquid to soak in your hair and leave it feeling nourished before using any heat.

Depending on your career and personality, your hair represents you and gives others an impression about who you are. It is important to remember that everyone has different styles and your hair is a huge part of creating the best first impression. Two people who contrast greatly in this respect are Michelle Obama (left) and Miley Cyrus (right). (see image below).

michelle and miley

Two women who are extremely successful in what they do, and who both have a great number of personal appearances to attend, get images of themselves posted online and in print all the time. The difference between them is their hair style. Their careers contrast because Michelle Obama is a lawyer and professional politician. Her job entitles her to speak professionally, as well as dress and carry herself in an gracious manner. Her hair has a professional connotation to it, which is beneficial for her because that’s the type of persona she is trying to convey. Miley Cyrus has a creative career in the music and acting industry. Her shaved sides, dark roots and blonde ends make her hair style much more ‘edgy’ because she has her own way of representing herself and creating a bold first impression. It is more of a brave look, which could possibly tell something about herself. She is known for her controversy when performing, which is why her hair style varies from Michelle Obama’s. Imagine if they both switched to each others hair styles.. What would you think about these two women now? Would you think their job role matches the way their hair is? …

This is why it is it so important to make such a great first impression, so the people you are around and talking to understand who you are. It is also important because these people are going to remember if you made a good first impression, so it really does count!