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How healthy is your skin?

How healthy is your skin?

Following our ‘head to toe order’ of the First Impressions blog posts, this next blog post will be explaining how to look after your skin.

Skin is one of the most important factors when meeting someone new. If you’re meeting someone new, you would obviously want your skin to be in the best condition possible. Did you know that your skin can tell a lot about yourself? What you eat and how you treat your skin can all be perceived in just one glance. It goes without saying, that if you eat healthily and cleanse, tone and moisturise, your skin will be in great condition.

We all know that sometimes, spots cannot be helped. In this case, we always want the best for our skin, and usually this means that we want to try out products that will benefit our skin.

Have you ever heard of tea-tree? Tea-tree is known for it’s powerful ingredients that help fight blemishes, blackheads and oily skin. Once put on your skin, it brings a tingling sensation, which some people enjoy as it can make you think it is doing something miraculous to your skin! It’s a great product to use in the morning because it revitalises and can wake you up. However, if you don’t like the sound of the ‘tingling’ aspect, why don’t you try using something a little more natural and soothing. Did you know that cucumber has six benefits that will make your skin feel radiant and fresh?

Take a look …

1. Fade dark circles. By placing two freshly cut cucumber pieces and putting them on your eyes for twenty minutes, it can completely rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and dark circles faded. 2. Reduce puffy eyes. Due to the amount of ascorbic acid, cucumbers reduce water retention, reducing puffiness overall. 3. Fade freckles. Common use of cucumber face masks can help fade the overall appearance of freckles.  4. Improve complexion. When cucumber is applied as a facial mask, it has the ability for your skin to feel refreshed and over time, get rid of scars, acne and general impurities. 5. Treat sunburn. If you have spent a little too long in the sun, cucumber will cool and soothe your skin, allowing it to feel more comfortable and glowing. 6. Tighten open pores. Cucumber makes a great toner, and if mixed with the natural aloe vera gel, your skin will become radiant and it will automatically tighten your pores.

Following the ‘natural’ aspect, it is obvious to say that if you drink plenty of water, your skin will glow and be in great condition. You are meant to drink eight glasses of water a day and if you stick to this guideline, it will be clear to see within your complexion.

Hair, Skin and Nail tablets are available from most drugstores. If purchasing these tablets, you are (usually) meant to take one tablet a day with your main meal, in order for your hair to shine, your skin to be radiant and your nails to be strong.

What are your skin regimes? We’d love to hear your input on this, or any other tips you may have to offer for our #JanuaryJourney