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How stylists are more than just fashion

How stylists are more than just fashion

It’s not unknown to be called out as fashionistas, to be labelled as people that help you spend your money on clothes. Personal Styling is so much more than just the clothes and the last thing we want to do is spend your money so we want to help you understand why.

We build confidence

The role of a stylist is individual, it’s personal, it’s a connection with someone you’ll trust and know has your best interests at heart. But the bottom line is confidence; boosting, building, structuring body confidence to help you feel the best you can feel in your clothes.

It starts with you

But this doesn’t start with the clothes. It starts with you, we have to dig a little to get to know you so we can provide the tools that will ultimately bring some sparkle back to your wardrobe and your life. That’s why we wrote a blog to help you identify your ‘STYLE PERSONALITY‘ and the reasons we work with you on understanding your body confidence barriers to help us navigate the best way forward. We’ve been talking a lot recently about body confidence and if you haven’t seen it already we’ve shared 5 tips to becoming more body confident – these are simple things you can do yourself to get started.

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We collaborate to increase your confidence

Although our primary objective is to increase confidence levels from within we know we can’t always do this alone when the feelings run deep. We’re not councillors, or therapists, nutritionists or trainers, we’re your style mentors to coach you to a place you feel most confident and empowered.

The results of becoming more confident in your clothes don’t always just lie in the wardrobe, there are plenty of areas in which our clients need further guidance which is why we feel it’s important to work with other professionals in supporting us to help you become the best version of yourself. These come in the form of confidence, nutrition, transformation and life coaches. Mindset management, personal fitness, beauty professionals, skin care experts and more.

Discover more

So this month on our social media channels this is the very reason we’re talking about all things around health and wellness and how this is truly connected to the industry of styling. Take a look here for live sessions and quick fix tips

But we’re not stopping there, we will continue to communicate with our audience about how important self care and managing the mindset is for creating more confidence in yourself and your clothes. Stayed tuned for more talk on the body – through the language we speak without talking, how we communicate, discovering why bodies come in all shapes and sizes and how we work with that.

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Get started

In the meantime, here are a few things to get you thinking about whether you and your wardrobe are in need of a bit of a boost:.

– How do you spend your time? Do your clothes reflect your lifestyle?

– How healthy is your mindset? Do you regularly procrastinate about your body, what you’re wearing, your lifestyle?

– What do your clothes say about you? Are your clothes reflecting the style you want? Do you enjoy the clothes you currently wear?

If you answered a negative to any of those questions, get in touch to see how we can help you