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How to Dress the Strawberry Body Shape

How to Dress the Strawberry Body Shape

Today marks the end of the body shape series with the strawberry. Bristol Fashion Week at The Mall Cribbs Causeway is just one week away so take a look and pop along and see us for more information.

No need to fret if you have missed the  previous posts as links to other silhouettes are below:


Now, let’s get back to the task in hand…………
The Strawberry Definition
  • Wider shoulders 
  • Smaller Hips
  • Slim Legs
  • Larger Bust
  • Creating an inverted triangle shape (strawberry)
If you have been following our body shape feature you will instantly know that strawberry shapes are required to balance their proportions by drawing attention to their bottom half. Adding volume, print and colour are techniques to ensure that the eye is led to the desired area. Full skirts with pleating are perfect to add that necessary volume and wearing pattern will demand attention. Team with simple tops and jackets that are slimline and avoid detailing and embellishments at the shoulders. This also applies to dresses that are well suited to the strawberry shape. 
The primary focus is your slender legs. Don’t be shy to wear bold coloured or striking patterned trousers to make your legs pop. Again add volume through pleating techniques around the waistband or a wide leg that fits snug around the bottom area. 
Are you a strawberry body shape? If you need more advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a personal styling session or wardrobe consultation.