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How To Not Get Stuck in a Rut and Dress Comfortably

How To Not Get Stuck in a Rut and Dress Comfortably

Our problem pot at Bristol Fashion Week was designed for individuals to write down a question about personal style dilemmas for one of our stylists to answer.

“I’m stuck in a rut, how do you find clothes that are comfortable and you do not need to think about too hard?” 

Many ladies find themselves at a crossroads, they feel they have nothing to wear and are ‘stuck in a rut.’ Below are some words of advice of how to cope in this situation.

  • Ensure that your clothes are the right size and fit well. If an item is too tight or too big do not continue to wear it as you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Invest in staples that work well together and form the foundations of a capsule wardrobe e.g blazer, trousers, top, skirt, dress. You will find it easy to team outfits together with your essential everyday items that you love.
  • Do not hold onto items that you do not wear as this will distract from putting outfits together and will cause you to over think. 
  • Dressing for your body shape will make you feel confident and comfortable as lines will fall in the right place balancing out your proportions. 
  • Keep to your own personal style and do not think that you must wear the latest trend. By wearing your investment pieces and adding an accessory to represent the trend you prefer will make you feel both confident and comfortable. 
  • Choose items that are made from soft and good quality fabrics to ensure they last and feel smooth against the skin. This will avoid fabrics becoming itchy and uncomfortable. 
If you would like help achieving any of the above points please get in touch as we can explain further through a wardrobe consultation or personal shopping experience. 
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