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How To Pack Lightly This Summer

How To Pack Lightly This Summer

‘Going on a trip. Need about 4 outfits. I’ve packed 35 just to be safe’ 

Sound familiar? Packing for a holiday can be a daunting process. Whether your vacation this year is a city break to Budapest, a beach holiday to Portugal or a road trip to Croatia packing lightly is a must. Filling your suitcase with too many ‘just in case’ items is unnecessary, stressful and, lets face it, heavy! It’s time to ditch those bad habits and pack lightly this year.

Start with a list and think capsule wardrobe – a selection of clothing and accessories that all work together. Pick out all the items on your list and lay them out on your bed. Ask yourself – do these pieces work together? Can the wedge shoes be worn with the majority of your evening attire for example? If there is a special piece, of course keep it in, however, if a lot of the items do not compliment each other think again. Be strong and spend time building outfits prior to packing as you will be grateful when you are lugging your case to the fifth floor. Imagine opening your luggage knowing that you love every considered piece and those ‘just to be safe’ items are hung at home waiting for your return.

We’ve gathered together examples of how to pack for the beach, road trip or city break. You will be able to notice the how each piece compliments the other and can be teamed together effortlessly. Look in your wardrobe to see what items really work as an outfit combination and build from this.

If you need a helping hand selecting outfits from your closet you know where we are!

Beachwear Essentials 

Beach Essentials

Road Trip/Camping Attire


City Break Staples

City Break