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How To Wear Leggings

How To Wear Leggings

My fashion revelation this week is my love of the legging craze, which to my surprise has endured many seasons, trends and years. To be honest I despised the return of leggings all those years ago but I have recently turned a corner and become a huge fan of the tight fitting garment that dresses the nation.

I disliked the garment because of one major factor – women were wearing leggings as a trouser –  a definite faux pas, a style scandal and no one seemed to care that they were see through!!!! It was a fashion outrage (a slight exaggeration but you see my point)!!!

Over the years I have seen variations of thicker leggings, tube pants and disco pants enter the fashion world and I am extremely thankful!! Leggings look great if they are good quality and worn in the right way.

Here are a few tips that demonstrate my legging journey and changed my opinion dramatically.

  • I will REPEAT buy good quality leggings that will last and are NOT see through. Even if your top is long enough a simple gust of wind or bending over to tie your shoe lace will leave you red faced.
  • Team with loose fitted, longer tops for a sophisticated look skimming over your derriere. 
  • If you feel that these tops do not suit your body shape, simply layer with a cropped jacket to accentuate your waist.
  • Make sure that the leggings fit well to highlight and draw attention to your legs.
  • Leggings are extremely comfortable and are available in high waisted styles to create a smooth line across the stomach area. 
  • All ages can wear leggings as they can be teamed with dresses, tunics, long tops, skirts etc depending on your style, age and look.
  • They are a great way of adding interest to your outfit as they are designed in varying prints, fabrics, patterns and colours. 
  • Tube pants and disco pants can be worn with shorter tops as they are much thicker taking on a trouser persona. These styles are a great alternative to leggings and much more flattering as a trouser. 
Do you have any other legging tips to share? My fashion prediction is that leggings are here to stay!! They have become a basic item building the foundation of many wardrobes. I think (if you haven’t already) it is time to embrace the legging phenomenon. If you would like any more advice please get in touch. We are happy to help!!