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How To Wear Sheer Fabrics

How To Wear Sheer Fabrics

Beyonce is recognised for her gorgeous, curvaceous figure and knowing how to accentuate her curves perfectly. The Grammy Awards was certainly no exception!!! Her exquisite lace dress highlights her beautiful body shape and the larger gaps in the delicate pattern draw attention to her slender arms and thighs.

Now, many women would find a dress with transparent cut out pieces too risqué and daring. However, you will be pleased to discover that this technique is particularly slimming and flattering. Beyonce’s dress was probably less revealing than first appears with skin coloured fabric placed in the appropriate areas. The high street offers dresses, tops and blouses with sheer sleeves or inserts in various sections depending on the design.

The sheer fabric covers areas and highlights them simultaneously. Clever I know!! The thin nature of the fabric flatters creating smooth lines and boosting confidence by hiding areas that you may feel conscious of. The transparent material is lightweight and adds reassurance that your arms, chest or back are not on show. Let’s not forget the sexy allure that these type of garments ooze too!!!

Why not try a frock or blouse with sheer inserts next time you are out shopping? Let me know how you feel? If you would like some help picking out the perfect item, one of our stylists would love to come along!!!