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In store Personal Shoppers – what do you think?

In store Personal Shoppers – what do you think?

Having recently read an article by journalist Claudia Connell in the Daily Mail, it made us wonder if an ‘in-store’ Personal Shopper is worth the velvet sofa you sit on!

Personal Shoppers in dept storesClaudia – as you can see in the screen shots here has taken the time to test a few well known high street stores and we’re grateful, yet surprised at the results. To read the article on the Daily Mail website click here  Now we know these personal shoppers are the perfect tool for selling product but what level of advice are you getting? We compare our service to that of the typical high street Personal Shopper.Claudia Connell Daily Mail





Firstly, with the in store personal shopper your appointment is generally free, there’s a good reason for this: it’s highly likely you will spend a fair amount of money (some stores have a minimum spend for an appointment or charge for a premium service) therefore your PS will look to sell the items of clothing that will fulfil her sales targets or increase commission levels. You are an easy target. Getting something for free doesn’t always hold it’s value, if this person dressing you doesn’t cost any money directly, naturally the company that offers the service will be wanting to take the money from you another way. Which leads us on to thinking whether the company has invested time and money training the personal shopper professionally e.g dressing the body shape, understanding colour not to mention good communication, listening and understanding skills when it’s simply good sales technique that is needed for the benefit of the business. And this is what it generally comes down to. If you are looking to ‘test’ the water and it doesn’t cost you any money then this may be a great experience for you, but if it’s a confidence boost and an education in what to wear that your after, just one person with the wrong attitude or bad advice could have you running for the hills and never looking back.

IMG_4431Looking at how an independant personal stylist or image consultant would compare, in brief you’ll get better value for your money and a good stylist will certainly save you money. Before you part with your money you should know what to expect at your consultation, the stylist could come to your home at no extra cost and help you rediscover your wardrobe before spending more money, a stylist shouldn’t encourage you to spend money in a certain store for their benefit and neither should they enforce their own style or preferred trends on you unless it’s beneficial. Professional stylists will work within your budget and let you know what is achievable in the time and money available. You can expect results beyond that of an in store personal shopper, you can expect to take away more than a few items of clothes, you should receive an education about how to dress, what to wear, how to wear, which colours are best for you and how to manage your wardrobe to avoid future mistakes thus saving you further pounds for the pocket.

All in all of course our opinion is bias, but it’s important to know what you’re getting for your time. If you are considering an in store personal shopper you can see from this article that stores and advice can be varied and often unprofessional since they generally are not fully trained experienced consultants. Decide how to proceed based on what you want to get from the consultation – is it a few clothes and a second opinion or are you looking to invest in your wardrobe with professional advice?

The rest is up to you! But if you want to know what we can do for you that others can’t simply click here and get in touch