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Interview: Natalie Dowe

Interview: Natalie Dowe

Natalie Dowe, a tutor of Health and Fitness, will be talking at our Mind, Body & Confidence workshop held at Bakesmiths at the end of the month. We caught up with her to find out a little more about what she does and what she has in store for our January event.

Q1. Happy New Year Natalie! Have you set a New Year’s resolution for yourself this year?

To continue believing in myself and to stop being scared of what I can’t control!

Q2. What does your job as a Personal Training Instructor involve? 

A. As a PT I used to help people achieve their health and fitness goals; one2one training, designing fitness programmes and putting together basic nutrition plans for them as quite simply put you cannot achieve your goals without addressing both!
Now I teach others to do the same but in addition to this I have to teach them anatomy and physiology, how to screen clients, obtain and understand goals and then put the relevant training and nutrition plans in place for them and monitor. evaluate this effectively. Arguably my previous experience as a PT does help me with my current role and I am planning on taking on some clients later on this year.


Q3. Why did you become a PT? 

A. So I became a PT initially because I wanted to show other people how to exercise and eat well for both mental and physical purposes…. I joined a gym when I was 18 because I had put on some weight and I remember how great I felt when my body started to change and how good I felt about myself. I would describe it as a mental and physical connection with my body and I knew i had to share it. But I also knew that I wanted to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of how the body works and how what we do and eat affects it and to share this with other. 2 years later I became a tutor – nerd alert and the rest as they say is history!

Q4. You have been a tutor of Health and Fitness for 12 years, what do you enjoy the most?

A. Helping people to understand how the body works and then helping them to apply that to their own training… and others, as arguably until you learn to train and feed yourself how are you going to helps others. I like to get people to think about the mental side as well as the physical side of exercising too because despite what people say ‘suck it up and work hard’ for example does not work for everyone… not everyone enjoys exercise so it’s our job to help them do it and see the benefits.

natalie-doweQ5. We hear that you are in the process of setting up your own training school, tell us more…

A. I have taught people in Fitness Instructing, Personal Training as well as many other CPD courses such as Group Studio Cycle, Circuits, Bootcamp, Functional Training  (to name a few) for other companies in both the private and public sector. It has been the career of my dreams and I am very grateful to them for giving me the work and helping me to gain this knowledge, qualifications and further insight into this industry. For the last 2 years I been self-employed and working as a freelancer delivering these courses which was something I always envisaged doing until eventually setting up my own business and teaching on a smaller and more personal scale… so I have finally built up not just the personal and professional experience but the confidence to follow my vision now.

Q6. What does body positivity mean to you? 

A. To feel comfortable in your own skin; to know how to look after you body inside out, once you are in touch with this the rest tends to fall into place. You know how to feed and train yourself, you learn how to dress yourself… what best suits you (it’s all linked) and in turn you learn how to love yourself.

Q7. How do you empower women to feel good? 

A. By encouraging them to focus on getting stronger rather than skinnier; so many women are focused on the weighing scales rather than how they feel and look. So by explaining the process of how your body changes during training and managing expectations, You have to love yourself first and foremost otherwise it doesn’t matter what you do you WILL not like what you see in the mirror.

Q8. How would you describe your ‘out of work’ fashion style? 

A. Fashion meets Urban Chic…. I have quite a laid back approach to fashion but I like to dress up (when I get a chance) and my addiction has moved from shoes to coats and I’ve always loved a good clutch bag!

 Q9. What are your favourite fitness brands? 

A. Nike, Under Armour, H&M and my all time favourite leggings (for the gym) are Reebok – I practically live in them.


Q10. What are your three fitness/eating tips? 

A. 1. Training a minimum of 3 times a week will change your body but you have to be patient and trust the process (the media is our enemy)
2. Eating anything in moderation is good for you… that includes FAT… food is not the enemy!
3. Water is amazing!!!

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Q11. We are looking forward to you speaking at our Body Confidence event at the end of the month, what can the guests expect from you?

Straight talking, good sense of humour, tried and tested knowledge and a genuine passion for health and fitness…. and yes I like my food and I enjoy a tipple or 2 because I am normal! (depending on what your definition of what that is of course).