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Introducing: Personal Stylist Brigitte Ward

Introducing: Personal Stylist Brigitte Ward

 Image Consultant Brigitte Ward is working with us at Bristol Fashion Week for the first season: Spring/Summer 2015. Having trained at a top UK styling academy with a personal background in personal presentation, Brigitte is a welcome affiliate to the team.
But who is Brigitte? She gives us a little insight to her world…
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“I decided to set up my own personal styling business after years of helping friends and family with their fashion and style dilemmas, often being called on to advise on “what to wear to a wedding, a ball or can you just tell me if this looks ok?!” With two grown up daughters one away at university and the other an independent teenager, instead of worrying about an empty nest I saw this as an opportunity to start a business helping more than just my friends. With a Mum in her 70’s, friends in their 40-50’s and the girls in their 20’s and late teens I’ve developed a wealth of experience helping people look good and feel more confident whatever their age”

Being an teenager in the 80’s  meant that Brigitte had lots of fun experimenting with her style and at one point donned bright red hair! However after training as a hairdresser, Brigitte got into the world of modelling and promotions where she created her unique, classic style which she still sticks to today.

Not one to sit still, Brigitte likes to keep fit with yoga has run both the Bristol half marathon and 10k and stresses how important it is to feel good from the inside out.