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Is It Christmas Day Yet?

Is It Christmas Day Yet?

All is calm, all is bright!

Yeah right!

The manic dash around the shops, the frantic Christmas card writing, the last minute present wrapping, the nativity watching and carol singing has left you frazzled with the thought of actually hosting Christmas Day quite daunting. Not to mention, what on earth am I going to wear come the 25th December??

Its time to sit and let the overwhelming feeling pass and focus for a minute on yourself. If you are hosting Christmas Day this year take a few minutes to think about how the day will unfold and most importantly factor in time to consider what you will be wearing – as let’s face it the PJ look is so last year! 

Our Create A Festive Capsule Wardrobe is a good place to start yet lets prepare you for the actual day.

  • The (very) early morning wakeup will leave you reaching for coffee before 7 am – if not earlier. Allow yourself to relax in your favourite PJ’s, snuggly dressing gown and slippers until at least 9 am.
  • Try to prepare parts of the meal the night before allowing yourself to enjoy a relaxed morning.
  • Now for the tricky part. The outfit! Choose a look that you feel comfortable and confident in. Like a velvet dress, tailored trousers and blouse, favourite jeans and bomber…….so many options. 
  • Prepare your outfit prior to the day and change into before the guests arrive applying your make-up and doing your hair. If you still have the roast to finish always wear an apron for protection against gravy and those pesky Brussel sprouts.
  • Do not wear high heels as running around serving food and entertaining guests will leave you with sore feet before the first course is finished. Wear a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes that compliments your outfit perfectly.
  • Add accessories such as a statement necklace, a delicate scarf or a stylish hat to finish the outfit nicely.
  • Don’t forget to ASK FOR HELP! Partners, children and loved ones will be happy to support you on the day and give you that time to change into your festive outfit that will give you confidence and make you feel a million dollars.

Here’s our helping hand – inspiration for your Christmas Day look from Oliver Bonas.


Photo Credit: Oliver Bonas.

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