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Jo McDiarmid

Location: Bath, Bristol & South West

Price per hour: £40

Online Sessions Available: Colour Analysis Only

Instagram handle: @jo.mcdiarmid

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Jo’s background in connecting with people and learning just what makes them tick sets her up perfectly to be a brilliant stylist. Not only this, but her warmth and dedication to transforming her clients’ lives through style makes her a welcome addition to our South West Team and a pleasure to work with. Let her introduce herself more below…

Describe yourself in a few key words… 

Friendly, open, ‘real’ (no jargon), organised, sociable.


What brought you to become an Image Consultant?

I became a personal stylist not so much after decades of being a dedicated follower of fashion, but after experiencing the positive impact myself. I was stuck in a bit of a rut after having my second child, personally, professionally…stylishly! I went for a colour analysis with a friend – it was a bit of a day out, an escape from the day-to-day mum-life. I wasn’t expecting much. But, wow! I had a great time – I had forgotten how important it was to focus on me for a change. I had a giggle with my friend, and was amazed when certain colours lifted her face. I realised colours I would never have considered actually looked pretty good on me. When I went into work the next week, sporting a top which I had swiftly purchased in a fab colour, and I got loads of compliments. It was brilliant! I went on to learn more about my style personality and how to get my confidence back in my style and the way I wanted to look. I’ve always liked getting dressed up and I enjoy choosing clothes, but I felt I’d lost my way a little. The process really lifted me. I became a Personal Stylist because I really wanted to give this experience to other women.


What do you love most about your job? 

In anything I do, my main motivator is creating a positive change – I love working as a Personal Stylist because it gives me the opportunity to help other women feel more positive about themselves. Giving women the power to understand how simple changes to the way you approach style and clothes, can really enhance the way you look and feel is great. My job makes people feel great, it makes them smile – what’s not to love?!


Who have you worked with that compliments what you do?

I’ve previously worked for most of my professional life in marketing and communications in sport and physical activity, creating campaigns which encourage an active lifestyle, support people on the journey and champion the experience of achieving those goals. Many of these focused on empowering women, understanding their barriers and creating opportunities.  I love doing that – helping people achieve their goals, taking them on a journey to feel great. So it felt really natural to use that passion for working with other people, understanding where they want to get to and supporting the journey, when it came to this new direction.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the real people around me… By women who are juggling life’s tasks and making things happen for themselves. I’m inspired by people who are standing up and speaking out for other women – it’s happening all over – business, politics, sport, fashion. There’s an appetite to create a world where we are all equal, and that really fires me up!


How would you describe your personal style?

Natural, unfussy, understated. I love to look properly put together, but I don’t like too much fuss, I’ll nod to trends, but you won’t find me head to toe in them, and above all feeling totally comfortable is really important for me.


Tell us 3 things about yourself we don’t know…

  • I speak French and German and I lived in France and Switzerland for a few years in my 20’s.
  • I was a triple UK cheerleading champion when I was younger AND I am the proud owner of two Blue Peter badges because of it!
  • Madonna’s manager once offered me a job (I said no).


Tell us your favourite quote or words of wisdom…

If it doesn’t make you feel great, it probably isn’t right for you – your style personality is a part of you, discover it, and stay true to it!


What plans do you have for the future?

I’m looking forward to continuing to help women like me look and feel great. I am all about making it simple and easy for others to find that boost and feel more confident. I plan to have more women hearing ‘you look great’ more often!