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Jumpsuit: The Most Versatile Item in Your Wardrobe

Jumpsuit: The Most Versatile Item in Your Wardrobe

Dungarees and jumpsuits have made a strong reappearance over the last couple of seasons. A revival that we at The image Consulting Company very much approve of. Whether in the denim variety, a jazzy print or staple black the jumpsuit is ridiculously easy to wear. A stylish piece that is extremely comfortable. Two qualities that is a wardrobe essential. If you don’t own a pair you will definitely be frantically searching ASOS once we’re finished.


Let us guide you through our reasoning as to why the jumpsuit is a staple item for your wardrobe.

Comfort – The jumpsuit is sooooo comfortable! We’re not exaggerating! With the right fit, the one piece can be worn for running around after the kids or sitting at your desk all day.

Style – From fastening the zipper you immediately exude a chic style. The jumpsuit has the ability to look stylish with very little effort. Add a tee and you’re good to go!

Layering – It is the perfect item to layer! Add a tee (short or long sleeved) or a sweater underneath to build a unique sense of style. Alternatively, add a chunky knit or bomber over the top ready for the colder season.

Versatile – Dress up or down for any occasion. The jumpsuit can be worn for a shopping trip with friends or a romantic meal for two. Accessorise for a different look entirely.

Creative – Jumpsuits come in various styles, colours and prints, which allows for you to express your unique style easily. Be creative and experiment with different patterns or shades for a confident, stylish outfit. Legs vary from tapered to a more culotte style depending on your preference.

Fit – Make sure that the jumpsuit fits correctly. There is nothing worse than sitting down to find you feel extremely uncomfortable as the fabric pulls. Do a test before handing over the cash.

Convinced? Need a little helping hand to find the perfect jumpsuit for you. We would be happy to oblige.